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In the words of our CEO

“VYNX’s approach is to create, modify, enhance, and protect the business environment of VYNX clients through creating informed opinions of the incorporation standards set out in global jurisdictions and make every business market welcoming to their new entrants.The carefully balanced combination of knowledge of the local conditions, the innovative approach of explanation to all entrepreneurs entering new markets, and the experience in work in international partnerships, enhance VYNXs capabilities to effectively manage perceptions of our clients. Adherence to stringent ethical standards, as well as the use of creative consultation tools make VYNX capable of optimally satisfying the corporate needs of its clients.”

This Program is to reinvigorate business relationship between our Firm and the Affiliates/Partners and maintain more frequent interactions to anticipate all exciting ventures where Vynx and all our Partners can collaborate down the line.
An essential part of our office responsibilities is to assist all our partners with future inquiries generated for securing Corporate Licenses in UAE Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore Jurisdictions and also provide information for banking access suiting the Client’s Business Need. Now when UAE economy being the second largest economy of whole ARAB World and fast access to all major cities in MENA,
Europe and Asia (through both sea and air) is attracting owners of Small, Medium and Large enterprises to set their base or branch here, We may like to greet our relationship with our Referral Partners to the extent of sharing 40% Referral Fee (as explained in the annexure below) on our consulting fee on top of the discounted price we offered to all the partners for clients in the past.
Just to refresh you with our list of services, VYNX can assist in:
Securing Trade License in UAE Mainland, Free Zone and 87 International Offshore Jurisdictions.

Corporate PRO Services related to Trade License Renewals, Application for New Employment Visas, Renewal and cancellation of Existing Visas, Liquidation of the existing Trade License, Immigration Card, Labor Card applications & many more.

Assistance in Bank Account Opening for Individuals and Corporate with top banks across all major cities.
Business Buying and Selling and preparing Share Transfer agreements for execution.
Real Estate Solutions for Residential and Commercial Apartments and Business Center Services.
Business Responsive WordPress Theme
Trade Mark, Brand, Copy Rights and all other IP Registrations.
Accounting, Book-Keeping and Payroll Services.
Partner Matching Services.
Attestation and Legal Translation of Corporate Documents.

Serial No

Description of Service

Average Service Fee

Estimated Commission for Referral Partners (40%)


Company Formation – Mainland

AED 6000.00



Company Formation – Free Zone

AED 5000.00



Company Formation – Offshore

AED 5000.00



PRO Services (Recurring)

AED 1000.00

AED 400.00


Accounting, Book-keeping and Payroll Services (Recurring)

AED 2000.00

AED 800.00


Business Plans and Feasibility Studies

Depends on scope

Minimum AED 2000.00


Immigration Consultancy Services

AED 5000.00


The average service fee will be subject to negotiation with the clients and standard commission
amount will be 40% of the final price after negotiations and the referral partners will be notified for
the agreed service fee between the Client and VYNX.
VYNX responsibility is to keep updating the client for change in standard service fee through brochures
and proposals requested by the partner offices.